Who am I

CEO and Founder of Helgray Watches

I am a 32-year-old passionate entrepreneur based out of Montreal, Canada. Starting my first business at the age of 16, I've grown 4 ecommerce stores from start-up to profitability through innovative marketing strategies, growth hacking, and self-education through trial-and-error. I learned from an early age that ecommerce was the future of retail and something I had a passion for. So, for the last 9+ years I've gained expertise and a background in Ecommerce, Marketing, Advertising, Crowdfunding, Branding, Manufacturing and other associated fields. I've been affiliated with 14 crowdfunding campaigns on different platforms, all of which were successfully funded.

CEO and Founder of Helgray Watches. Helgray was founded in March, 2014 and has quickly established itself as a lifestyle watch brand to follow in the ecommerce and retail industry. Using innovative marketing strategies and data-driven thinking we've been able to develop a great online buying experience for our customers worldwide. Helgray has been featured in international print and online publications such as Esquire, AskMen, and TopGear.


Acquired through both experience and formal education, my current background and expertise comprises of the following.


9+ years of experience with multiple CMS platforms, CRO, analytics, and data-driven thinking.


Raised $1.5+ million. 7 campaign were funded in <1 hour. Consistently over-funding by 500%+.


Extensive experience with PPC, SEO, Social Media, and strategic paid advertising on various platforms.

PR & Marketing

Featured in print and online publications, such as Esquire, TopGear, AskMen, and more. Guerrilla marketing, growth hacking, and influencer relationships.


Lifestyle brand development, brand loyalty and customer retention.


Product development, prototyping, outsourcing, quality control, scalable overseas partnerships.

Featured In


Montreal, Canada